How to Handle a Broken Car Window

Having your car window smashed can be upsetting and inconvenient. Not only do you have to get it fixed, but you also have to clean up broken glass and make sure your car and belongings are secure until repairs can be made. By following some key steps, you can teach others How to Handle a Broken Car Window safely.

Steps to Follow While Handling a Broken Car Window

Assess the Damage

The first step to do for How to Handle a Broken Car Window is carefully assess the damage. Make sure all broken glass is cleared from the door frame so you don’t cut yourself. Check whether just the glass is smashed or the entire window is destroyed.

Try rolling the window up and down to see if it still functions. Also, look for any damage inside the car has glass gotten onto the seats or dashboard? Knowing the full extent of damage will determine your next moves.

Protect Yourself and Your Car

Before attempting to clear up broken glass, it’s vital to protect your hands from getting cut. Put on gloves and long sleeves. You’ll also want to keep the glass from scattering throughout your car. Carefully sweep or shake out any lingering pieces from the seats and floor mats.

Lower the windows to allow glass particles to fall outside rather than in. Then place towels, cardboard, or other coverings over the damaged window to shield the inside of your vehicle from the elements until the window can be repaired.

Document with Photos

Take clear photos documenting the damage from both the exterior and interior of your car. Capture images of the broken window from all angles as well as any resulting mess inside the car. Photos can provide proof to authorities and your insurance company if necessary. Plus they may help a repair shop better assess the damage.

File a Police Report

Especially if it looks like your window was intentionally smashed, promptly file a broken car window police report. Be prepared to provide the exact time and location where the damage occurred, if known. Having an official report will create a record with law enforcement and can aid in catching whoever is responsible. At the very least, having documentation on record may facilitate an insurance claim to get coverage for repairs.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Contact your auto insurance provider to ask about filing a claim to cover window replacement costs. Most standard policies include comprehensive coverage for incidents like broken windows, minus your deductible amount. Be ready to present photos and your police report. If you aren’t insured, contact local auto glass repair shops to ask about payment plans for uncovered repairs.

Clean Up All Broken Glass

To avoid cuts from stray glass slivers, carefully pick up all pieces from interior surfaces. Use gloves, hand brooms, and a shop vacuum if needed. Never forget to check under floor mats and seats. Dispose of shards in sealed containers so nobody gets hurt by loose broken glass. Any particles left behind could require professional detailing to fully extract them later.

Get the Window Repaired Promptly

Leaving a broken car window at night leaves your vehicle vulnerable to theft and interior damage. Water leaks can also occur in rain. Ideally, take your car to a trusted auto glass repair specialist the same day the damage occurs.

Mobile services may even be available to replace the glass on location. Ask whether your broken window simply needs new glass or the whole frame should be replaced. Get an estimate for parts and labor.

Take Preventative Measures

Smashing incidents commonly happen when valuables are left visible inside unattended vehicles. Never leave bags, electronics, cash, or sunglasses out. Also, consider adding auto security systems like car alarms and motion sensor lights to deter future break-ins.

Park in well-lit public areas whenever possible. Keeping your car free from attractive targets can help prevent more smashed windows down the road.

Some Additional Safety Tips For How to Handle a Broken Car Window

  • Remove any valuables/personal items from the car to secure them and prevent theft. This includes bags, electronics, paperwork, etc.
  • Use a tarp or large garbage bags secured with tape to cover for the broken car window temporary fix. This will help prevent rain or weather damage to the car’s interior.
  • Wear safety glasses while clearing broken glass from the vehicle. Small glass shards can fly up into the eyes.
  • Check the back seat and trunk areas carefully for any stray pieces of broken glass that may have scattered beyond the broken window area.
  • Vacuum the interior seats and carpets thoroughly with a shop vacuum or handheld vac to get small bits of glass – double-check around seat tracks/buckles.
  • If there are tears in weatherstripping/moldings from the break-in, take note and capture photos to share with the repair shop. Damaged moldings may need replacement.
  • Install anti-theft locks on your license plate bolts. Smashed windows can provide thieves with easier access to steal plates.
  • Consider adding glass breakage coverage to your insurance if it’s not already included. This may save money on future windshield/window repairs.
  • Ask the repair shop about options like security film or plexiglass to make side/rear windows more resistant to future attempts at car break-ins.


Dealing with a broken window can be upsetting but following these steps will let you know How to Handle a Broken Car Window. Assessing damage right away, protecting your car, documenting evidence, contacting authorities and your insurer, cleaning thoroughly, and arranging fast repairs will have you back on the road safely with minimal disruption. Being cautious about valuables visible inside your vehicle can also help prevent this frustrating issue from recurring. Stay calm and take the proper steps, and your vehicle will be looking good as new again in no time.

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