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Car Glass Fixer is a one-stop car glass repair shop that provides all kinds of auto glass Dubai services at economical prices.

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We Are Your Go-To-Destination For Car Glass Repair In Dubai

A damaged car glass loses its integrity and impairs your visibility and therefore, repairs become inevitable. We fix your damaged car glass with absolute attention to detail, that too, at pocket-friendly prices.

Quality Glass Materials

Advanced Repair Techniques

At our car glass repair Dubai services, technicians assess the extent of damage & help you make the best decision in favor of your safety i.e. repair/replacement.

Car Glass Repair in Dubai


Find The Perfect Car Glass Repair Dubai Shop For Your Automobile

Windshield Repair
Avail our windshield repair services to fix impaired visibility and alleviate safety concerns.

Windshield Replacement
Get brand-new windshield installations to ensure optimal safety and visibility while driving.

Windscreen Crack Repair
We can repair your windscreen cracks swiftly and efficiently to restore the glass strength.

Passenger Side Front Window Replacement
Get professionals to replace the passenger-side front window, ensuring a seamless & secure fit.

Driver Side Window Replacement
Enjoy a flawless driver-side window replacement service by our professionals at car glass repair in Dubai.

Sunroof Crack Repair
We can fix cracks in your car’s sunroof efficiently and ensure optimal sunroof functioning.


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Car Glass Repair

24/7 Car Glass Repair In Dubai For All Local Areas

Being the renowned auto glass repair shop in Dubai, we offer all car recovery services including car wash, car ac services, car battery change etc in all local areas of Dubai. You can avail of our service anytime in Al Quoz, Sharjah, Ajman, and the rest of the local areas.

We offer premium quality auto glass Dubai for windshield replacements.

Enjoy ageless car glass repair Dubai services with our attention-to-detail services.

Get the services of experienced auto technicians for auto glass repairs.

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We Serve All Auto Brands in Dubai

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Why Car Glass Fixer

Why Choose Our Auto Glass Shop for Car Glass Repair in Dubai?

Car Glass Fixer offers top-quality, economical, and efficient car glass fixing 24/7 by skilled auto technicians. Employing our window tinting services, we ensure your car receive the best quality car glass treatment it deserves.

Comprehensive Solutions

From repairing chips & cracks to addressing complex damages, we fix all your car glass needs i.e. repair/replacement.

Advanced Tools

We employ modern techniques and advanced tools to repair and restore your car’s glass to its original condition at our auto glass repair shop in Dubai.

Car Glass Repair



I went to their car glass repair Dubai shop seeking repair for stone cracks on my car’s windshield. They did an absolutely amazing job and now my car’s windshield is just brand-new again.

Merrie Lewis


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s recommended to wait at least a few hours before a car wash after glass replacement. Because it allows adequate time for the glass adhesive to settle down and create a strong bond with the replaced glass.

Yes, car glass scratches can be repaired depending on the depth of the scratch. The surface-level scratches are buffed out while deeper ones require professional techniques like resurfacing or replacement. You should seek professional assistance from a reputable source to get your scratched car glass fixed.

The time required for a windshield replacement service typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours. However, it can vary depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, the complexity of the installation, and the curing time of the adhesive used.

The severity and location of your car glass damage are strong indications for whether to choose glass repair or replacement services. Mostly, minor chips and surface cracks require glass repair while obstructive damage demands professional glass replacement as treatment.

Depending on the condition of your damaged car glass and the type of service, the cost of car glass repair Dubai varies greatly. To get a price estimate, it’s best to get a quote from a reputable and renowned car glass repair service provider in Dubai just like Car Glass Fixer.

Minor chips, small cracks, bullseye damage, and surface scratches are some of the common car glass damages that can typically be fixed through repair techniques, depending on the severity and location of the damage.

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